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Why Going Viral Is Not a Sustainable Marketing Strategy

In today’s digital age, going viral on social media platforms like TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram has become a common goal for marketers and business owners. The idea of creating one piece of content that reaches millions of people seems like a dream come true, and sometimes it is! However, it’s important to understand that going viral isn’t a sustainable marketing strategy, and could end up hurting your business in the long run.

The first reason why going viral isn’t a sustainable strategy is that it’s unpredictable. Algorithms and social platforms are constantly changing, making it very difficult to pinpoint what will go viral. No matter how much effort you put into creating content, there is no way to guarantee it will gain traction and reach thousands of users. Trying to replicate the success of one viral post can be challenging, and it’s not a reliable way to drive consistent traffic to your business or website.

The next reason going viral isn’t a sustainable strategy is that going viral doesn’t necessarily translate into more sales or long-term success. Customers buy from businesses they trust, which usually means seeing them and being reminded of the businesses multiple times. Yes, there are customers who make impulse purchases the moment they see a product, but for the vast majority, people need to be reminded of your business up to 7 times to make a purchase. In addition, most content that ends up going viral is intended to entertain or inform, rarely being directly related to a product or service. Therefore, the sudden influx of views, likes, or even website traffic might not lead to increased sales or conversions.

But what if you do go viral? It’s important to have a business strategy built in a way that will turn new website traffic into warm leads. For example, you should make sure that your website is optimized for conversions. This could be through freebies that result in new email list subscriptions, engaging blog posts and valuable information throughout your website, or a low-ticket product or service to get people to make an initial purchase.

Instead of forecasting on going viral, it’s better to create a sustainable marketing strategy that involves consistently creating high-quality content that resonates with your target audience. This way, you can build a loyal following and drive consistent traffic to your website over time. Moreover, creating valuable content that provides solutions to your audience’s problems can help establish your brand as a trusted authority in your industry.

In conclusion, going viral might seem like an easy way to gain exposure and drive traffic to your website, but it’s not sustainable for your business in the long run. Instead, focus on creating high-quality, valuable content that resonates with your target audience, and ensure that your website is optimized in case you do go viral!

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