Three Ways Pinterest is Better Than Instagram

The world of social media marketing has grown tremendously over the past few years as more and more people are spending hours of their day scrolling through their various social feeds. If you’re not using social media marketing for your business, you’re not maximizing your potential. If you don’t know where to start, hire me! I can offer this piece of advice to anyone who has a small business: Pinterest is a key platform that you should be utilizing in your marketing strategy. It is often overlooked in marketing strategies in favor of social media giants like Instagram and Facebook, but here are 3 reasons why Pinterest is better than Instagram for marketing! 

Pinterest and Instagram have different core purposes

First of all, Pinterest and Instagram are used in two completely different ways. Instagram is used to share personal photographs and follow friends/family/celebrities, while Pinterest is used to look for and curate certain types of content. In short: Pinterest is used as a search engine! People use it to gather recipes, wedding ideas, and a whole lot more. Users are opening the app/website for a purpose, and they’re coming to find you! When I want to find ideas, Pinterest is the first place I go. As a small business owner, you can use the nature of Pinterest to get exposure to your target audience. If you’re a wedding photographer looking to find potential clients, Pinterest should be your go-to marketing tool! Pinterest is a visual search engine, so it’s perfect for photographers. With Pinterest, you have the potential to showcase your work/products to a whole new audience.

Pinterest has desktop capability

This is a key area where Pinterest does better than Instagram. Instagram users are more prone to just mindlessly scroll when they’re bored. However, with Pinterest being a visual search engine with more developed desktop capability, users are usually much more serious about what they’re looking for. Newly engaged couples are more likely to sit down with a computer, open Pinterest, and search through pictures that can lead them to potential florists, photographers, venues, etc. With desktop capability, users can sit down and really use Pinterest to its fullest potential. Pinterest users are more likely to take action and investigate a product/service when they have access to it on a laptop. 

Direct links to your website or blog

An area where Pinterest really shines is in the linking ability. On Instagram, you can only link websites to your stories if you have a business profile, and if you have 10,000 followers. This prevents small businesses on Instagram from driving traffic to their website. The only other place to link is in your bio. On Pinterest, you can attach a link to any picture you post. In fact, most pins have a website or blog linked to them! This is perfect for businesses that need to convert traffic into website visits. It’s one thing to have someone be exposed to your business, but it’s another thing to have that person visit your website and find out what you’re all about. For this reason alone, you need to be using Pinterest! Add it to your marketing strategy, and watch your business grow!

Three Ways Pinterest is Better Than Instagram

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