It’s no doubt that some images have a way of catching our attention way more than others. We are drawn to images that we relate to, images that make us happy. When it comes to Pinterest, you want your Pins to attract as much attention as possible. But what’s the trick to getting the most clicks? Here are some of the best methods that have proven to make images pop on Pinterest.

Aspect Ratio

This is such a simple tip, but it makes a huge difference when capturing attention with your Pins! Pinterest displays all its Pins at the same width, but the images can have different heights. That means taller images will stand out from square images and take up more space! You’ll want your images to be vertical with a 2:3 aspect ratio. I recommend 1000 x 1500 pixels for the best image quality.

Photo Content

If you’re using photographs for your Pinterest images, you want to keep things clean and simple. While abstract and unfocused images can make for beautiful and artistic photography, they aren’t going to get you the most clicks. You want your product or service to be the main focus of the photo. It can be helpful to show the product in use or in the environment you would normally find it (like facewash placed by a bathroom sink), and you want to make sure to get up close to the product so it takes up most of the image. The background should be minimal, so it doesn’t take any attention away from your product or service! Lastly, Pins with human faces in them tend to get a lot fewer clicks than other images – images without faces get repinned WAY more (although this tip might not apply to all businesses, like wedding photographers). No matter how beautiful you are, let’s save your selfies for your personal Instagram!

Colors and Lighting

If you want potential clients and customers repinning your images, you’re going to have to make the Pins pretty enough for users to want the images on their feeds. Try to use bright and colorful images while avoiding ones that are dark and blurry. You want them to be able to see what you’re advertising! Make the images crisp and clear with moderate lighting. A general tip is to edit your photos to 50 percent saturation, so the image is bright but crisp. When it comes to choosing colors, the most important thing is to make sure they’re bright. Reds and oranges even perform slightly better than other colors.


Images with some text overlay tend to perform well! And if you’re offering a service that you can’t represent well with a photo, using text is a great way to make non-visual content more visual. Some of the most popular Pins don’t include photos at all! If you decide to use text, you want it to be clear and easy to read. If your image is all or mostly text, using two complementary fonts for your title and subtitle looks sharp and grabs attention.

Other Ideas

After these rules of thumb for clickable images, you still have some room for creativity when it comes to presenting your business! Pins that have a mosaic look tend to perform well – use up to four images for this, and make sure to keep the images simple so the Pin doesn’t look too busy. Pins also receive attention when they display valuable infographics or quotes that reflect your business and what it does.

When it comes to making images for Pinterest, you want to capture the attention of potential clients or customers the moment they see your Pins. Clickable images will increase traffic to your page and, ultimately, help your business grow!

The Secret to Great Performing Pinterest Content

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