As a small business owner, getting on Pinterest can seem kind of daunting. Okay, not kind of daunting, REALLY daunting. But I’m here to tell you that getting on Pinterest and learning how to use it effectively will help your business thrive! Here are five steps to help you get started on this great platform. 


Think about it. What does your dream Pinterest feed look like? And why not create your content to look like it? Just scrolling through Pinterest for 5 minutes leaves me with tons of ideas and feeling super inspired. Set aside some time to just scroll, and see what stands out to you! How can you make your content look like the content you love? What colors are being used? What’s the typography like? The sky’s the limit!


There are so many great tools on the internet to create content at low cost, or even for free! I use Canva to create pins, and it’s great because you can still make great graphics, posts, infographics and more on the free version. Bonus, there are hundreds of templates to choose from. Feeling uninspired? I guarantee you that Canva has a template you can use to help you get through a pesky brain funk. Some alternative tools are Visme, Adobe Spark, and more. There are so many free resources out there that you can totally take advantage of as you get started on Pinterest!


This seems like a daunting task, but taking the time to do hashtag research can help you make sure you’re hitting your target audience. It’s difficult to fit all your keywords in a paragraph and have it sound natural, so don’t be afraid to add hashtags at the end and just go ham! This all starts with simply going to the search bar on Pinterest, and seeing what sort of content comes up when you put in your business keywords. The next step is to look at how much content comes up when you’re researching specific hashtags. Stay away from high-density hashtags that your content will get lost. If you can find a low-density hashtag where your content will rank higher, you’re set!


I cannot stress this enough: LET SCHEDULING APPS PIN FOR YOU. Read that again, and really take it in. My business would not be able to function without one of my favorite tools: Tailwind. Tailwind is a visual marketing suite that allows you to upload all of your content, assign pins to boards, write captions, assign links, and it will post your content on a schedule of your choosing! I need to stress that assigning a link to every single pin is essential. How are potential customers and clients going to find you if they can’t just tap the pin and be taken to you? We’re lazy. We don’t want to put the work in. Do the work for them, and you’ll have customers streaming to your website or blog. All you need is one caffeine-induced scheduling session where you put all of your content into Tailwind, and then BOOM. You’re set for the month. So much time is wasted trying to post consistently on your own. Seriously. Stop making this hard for yourself. 


Now you can sit back with a nice chai latte or another fun beverage of your choosing and watch your business grow! Taking a few hours a month to do some research, make some pins and schedule your content will boost your exposure tenfold. Trust me, this is what I do for a living. 

How To Use Pinterest For Your Online Business

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