How To Use Keywords on Pinterest

Social media can be a great tool for advertising your small business and developing a greater outreach. And when it comes to social media marketing, Pinterest is definitely your best friend. While Facebook and Instagram lean more on the social sides of things, Pinterest is literally a platform where potential clients and consumers search for what they are interested in. That means that if you’re able to use Pinterest’s search engine in your favor, the site will show your content to more and more people in your target audience! You just have to learn how to use keywords!

What are keywords?

We’re going to start with the basics here. When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), sites like Pinterest use keywords to decide what Pins to show their users. So, if someone searches for “wedding cake,” Pinterest will show them Pins with the term “wedding cake” in their title or description. What you need to do is figure out the most popular keywords that relate to your niche as a small business. This will help your posts reach way more people!

How do I find strong keywords?

One of the best ways to find popular keywords is to use the search bar on Pinterest. Try typing a word or short phrase that you think people use to search for topics like yours, and a list of similar phrases will pop up below it! These are all popular keywords that people use to search for content like yours! You can also try to incorporate some of the most popular terms on Pinterest (like recipes, weddings, food, makeup, DIY, and quotes), but you want to make sure to stay within your niche. Don’t use as many keywords as possible so you can target everyone – you want to focus on your target audience. They’re the ones looking for your content!

Where do I apply the keywords?

The short answer here is everywhere! You want every aspect of your profile and content to communicate clearly what you can offer. A great place to start is your display name. Instead of just having your name or the name in your company, try to also include a keyword (or keywords) about your business. For example, if I had a lotion company called “Fresh and Clean,” I would make my display name something like “Fresh and Clean Skincare.” After your display name, you also want to include some keywords in your bio. This is a great place to tell potential consumers exactly what you can offer them, so make sure you use popular keywords that apply to your content specifically.

Next, you’ll need to include keywords in your content! This means Pins and Boards. Make the titles of your Pins and Boards descriptive and specific to your topic. Include keywords in the descriptions of your Pins and add hashtags with other keywords that apply. It can even help to rename the file of your Pin image to something that includes a keyword – remember, I said we want keywords everywhere!

You’ve got this!

Now you have the basic tools to boost your outreach on Pinterest, so don’t wait to use them! Go update your page and Pins to give yourself and your business the best chance at reaching the people who need you!

How To Use Keywords on Pinterest

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