Making sure you are supplying quality content to your clients or customers is SO important for your business. The problem with creating lots of content though is that it can be super time-consuming! You want to be able to give your clients valuable information regularly, but you also don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your content! These tips will help you turn one idea into ten (or more) pieces of quality content.

Core Content

First, you need one piece of content that all the other pieces can expand upon and refer back to. This is where you will do the bulk of your research and spend the most time so your other content will come much easier! When choosing your topic, you want to make sure it’s relevant to your clients – you want to be providing valuable information! So, figure out what your customers need and try to solve one or more problems with your content. A good medium for core content would be a blog post (number 1 done!).

Blog Posts

So now that you have a well-researched blog post, you want to find a couple of areas that you can expand on with a couple of other blog posts (there’s 2 and 3!). Are there related topics to your original blog that you could dive into more? The most important thing here is to make sure these blogs relate enough to your core content that you can refer your clients to the original post. You can even combine the three blogs together into an eBook so all of the information is in one place (content number 4!).

YouTube Video

YouTube Videos are great for going over the details of products or services! And they are great for giving advice to your clients. We live in a visual age, and lots of people are going to be drawn to videos more than text they have to read. Find an aspect of your core content to focus on and record a demo, unboxing, review, or recap where you summarize key takeaways from the original blog without going into all the details (number 5!). You can be creative with this! And to cover even more ground, you can use the audio from your video and release it separately as a podcast for clients to listen to (and that’s 6!). I know I’m a big fan of podcasts because I can multitask while I listen! You can also repurpose the video by taking one or more small clips from it and posting them on social media (we got 7!).


An infographic is a great way to help your clients and customers visualize data! It makes valuable data simple and accessible with a graph or chart. This can be data about increased social media outreach with certain marketing techniques, the correlation between morale and productivity, or even dairy consumption and clear skin. Whatever your clients need (8 pieces!)!

Social Media Posts

Posting helpful tips on Instagram or Pinterest is great for summarizing smaller key ideas. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a simple piece of advice that links back to your core content (that’s 9—we’re almost there!).


By PDF, all I mean is one sheet of information that your clients can download for future use. It could be an FAQ sheet, a checklist for success, a habit tracker – whatever will be valuable to your customers (content number 10!)!

Repurposing content is a smart way to optimize your time and get quality resources to your customers and clients! Your time is valuable, so make sure you are using it wisely and getting the full value out of your content!

How To Turn 1 Idea Into 10 Pieces of Content

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