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How to Take Your Own Branding Photos

Branding photos are a must have for any business owner. Not only are branding photos perfect for making your website and social media feeds look consistent and amazing, but they also communicate to your potential clients who you are and what you’re all about! That being said, not everyone has access to a professional photographer or photo studio, so sometimes we have to figure out how to do things on our own. There’s no need to stress, because with the right tools and mindset, you can take professional and polished branding photos by yourself!


When choosing the location for your shot, you want to make sure it makes sense for your brand. If you run a bakery, shots of you in the kitchen are going to make a lot more sense than photos of you walking your dog. If you do most or all of your work on the computer, try shooting in a home office or sitting with a laptop. You can always mix and match different locations by shooting in different rooms or using blank canvas backdrops, so don’t be afraid to try out different options! Also be sure to pay attention to the background of your location. You don’t want anything in the shot that will look messy or distracting, so pay attention to electrical outlets, cords, dirty dishes, and even cluttered home decor.


Most branding photos you see are going to be shot indoors, and if you’re not familiar with professional studio lighting or you don’t have access to lighting equipment, taking advantage of natural light is the best way to go. Set up next to a large window during the day and let the sunlight do its magic! If you do choose to shoot outside, make sure you go during golden hour (early morning or early evening) when the sunlight isn’t as harsh.

What to Wear

When it comes to choosing your outfits, the most important thing is that you feel good! You want to be as comfortable and confident as possible in front of the camera, so choose clothes that make you feel powerful and in control. Think about your brand and how formal you want to appear – if you have a formal office job like a lawyer, you’re probably going to want to lean in the direction of a suit or pencil skirt. But if you work from home and your approach is more personal and casual, a nice top and jeans can be totally appropriate. If you’re unsure about how formal to dress, choose a few different outfits with different styles to get more variety (and having multiple outfits is ALWAYS a good idea). And don’t forget to think about the color of your brand! Ask yourself: will this look good on my website?


Choosing props can feel a little overwhelming, but it’s actually super simple. Think about what services you offer and how you can represent that on camera. If you sell a physical product, like baked goods, you have some obvious options for props there. But what if you’re a business coach or a voice actor and your product isn’t so visual? In that case, think about what your day to day work looks like! Use your laptop, microphone, planner, whatever you can think of to showcase your work.

Tripod and Timer

You’re going to want to keep your hands free while posing for the camera, so be sure to use a tripod or ask a friend to man the camera. Don’t have a tripod? You can use items around your home to make a makeshift tripod – try stacking books and propping up your phone or camera (this might take some trial and error, so try a few different setups until you find something that works). Don’t be afraid of being too silly or dramatic with your poses, so try sitting down, standing up, laughing ,dancing, jumping, anything you can think of! You’re probably going to end up deleting a lot of your photos, so make sure to take plenty!

This has been a lot of information, so take a deep breath, you made it! And even better, you now know all the tips and tools you need to take amazing branding photos on your own! Branding photos are a way for your potential clients to make instant impressions about who you are, and that’s why it’s so important to stay true to yourself and your brand. Representing your true self is the best way for your dream clients and customers to find you!


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