I’ll be honest, blogging might be one of my least favorite things when it comes to my marketing strategy. It’s tedious, I don’t feel like I’m the best writer, and it’s time-consuming. But I have seen the benefits blogging has provided to my business, time and time again! Below, I’ve written out the five reasons, all business owners should have a blog and the benefits that might come about from having a blog:

  1. Creating a blog, personal to your business, provides new and interesting content for your customers and consumers. Have you ever visited a business blog or website that didn’t spark any feelings of excitement within you? You’re not alone. It’s so important to create a space that not only feels inviting, but also inspires and motivates! If a customer becomes interested in your blog, and begins investing in them, they’ll be much more likely to invest in your AND your business. Share thoughts and insight that are personal to you and the things you create.
  2. Blogs give you authority. This may seem obvious to the majority of people, but customers love seeing a business owner that knows what they’re doing! As a consumer or customer of small businesses myself, I seem to gravitate, much more, to the blogs or websites of those that seem to have it all together! Who doesn’t want to feel reassured when investing in a business?
  3. Increase Website Traffic. Did you know, studies show that companies that have their own blogs get 55% more website traffic than those that don’t? Think of it. When your website reaches more potential customers, your bookings, sales, or purchases are much more likely to increase. A common thought amongst content creators and business owners is that maybe you’re putting too much out there. Don’t be fooled! There is nothing consumers love more than attention, information, and personality!
  4. Builds trust within client relationships. When creating a blog, you’re potentially creating a space that feels more personal to you and your consumers. Once a relationship is developed between the two of you, be sure to maintain it! Reply to comments, questions, concerns, without making them wait too long to hear a response.
  5. Grow your email list. Create an opt-in form that will encourage consumers to sign up for your mailing list! These forms are typically presented as pop-up forms on a homepage. After people subscribe, they will automatically be added to your business contact list! Give your customers incentives for signing up. Offer discounts or coupons, such as 10% off their first order, buy one get one, or any other incentives that would benefit you AND your customer!

If you’ve read through this blog post and came to the conclusion that you need to start blogging, but don’t have the time, then reach out to my team and I to discuss outsourcing your blogs!

5 Reasons All Business Owners Should Have A Blog

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