A successful business is like a big jigsaw puzzle – it might time some time to figure out where each piece fits, but once everything is put in its place, the picture looks so much clearer! Running your own business is tough because while you might be able to provide a lot of those key pieces yourself, there’s always going to be at least one important element that you have to cultivate and depend on other people to provide: a client base. With today’s social media tools, reaching your target audience has never been more possible. But what will guarantee that your content reaches your ideal customers or clients? And what will make it stand out from the millions of pieces of content already out there? Keep reading to hear about the five key ingredients to help you create powerful and compelling content!

A Compelling Headline

The headline of your article or blog post is going to be what your audience sees first. Whether that’s on your website or a social post you share. The headline or title is going to determine whether your audience chooses to keep scrolling, or click the link and see what you’ve got to offer. Try to stick with brief and catchy titles that summarize the key points of your content. You want to communicate the core of the valuable information you’re sharing so your audience knows whether or not it’s going to be useful for them!

Value For Your Audience

Knowing your audience is SO important when creating content. What are the problems your audience is facing and how can you provide a solution for them? Don’t try to write for everyone, because your content will just turn out vague and won’t solve anyone’s problems. Instead, write for a specific subset of people (eg. your ideal client) that could benefit from your services.

A Clear and Specific Purpose

Think about what you’re trying to do for your audience with this piece of content. Do you want to educate them about business strategies? Inspire them to follow their passions? If you have multiple ideas, that’s great! Just split them up between pieces of content and avoid covering too much ground in one article. Stick with one core idea and attack your audience’s problem directly. Provide them with precise points and leave them with specific steps on how to put your advice into practice.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is what will determine how often search engines recommend your content to a potential audience member, so it can have a massive effect on how many people read your content. Using key search terms is the best way to get SEO on your side. A lot of this will come naturally when you’re focused on a particular topic that’s useful for your audience. Just keep in mind what your audience will be searching for and use those terms naturally throughout your content.

Your Voice

Your potential clients and customers don’t just want to learn about your business, they want to learn about YOU! So don’t try to imitate someone else when you create your content. Instead, be as authentic as possible and let your audience get to know you on a personal level. This is going to make your audience feel more comfortable and trusting about working with you. Try telling personal stories, and keeping things real and genuine so your audience feels like they can get to know you through your content.

Your business jigsaw puzzle is never going to be complete without active customers or clients, so creating content to attract your target audience and ideal client is so important. When all of these key ingredients are mixed together, they make an amazing piece of powerful content that will show people how valuable you can be to them!

5 Ingredients That Make Great Content

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